I am a passionate advocate for public education focused on equity, diversity, curriculum assessment and instruction. I am an experienced educator  in K-12 settings as an elementary classroom and support teacher, Field Office curriculum and instruction consultant, System Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, and an elementary school administrator in a variety of large K-8 settings all in ethnically and linguistically diverse areas.

I have experience working with adults as a leader, facilitator and as an Additional Qualification course instructor which has included face-to-face, blended, and on-line settings. I have a degree in sociology with a focus on Gender and Families, an education degree with a focus on Urban education, and a Masters degree in Education with a focus on language, culture and in teaching with a thesis focused on professional learning.

Most recently I have joined the  Ministry of Education as a Student Achievement Officer on the Capacity Building Team with a variety of experiences that have included leadership with the Renewed Math Strategy and Ontario Focused Intervention Partnership, developing  Ontario Principals’ Council course material and welcoming processes and resources for newcomers to Canada in Ontario.

I am energized by working collaboratively and I have had the privilege of collaborating with Ministry of Education and District writing teams. Some of these projects have included  collaboratively opening Welcoming Centres,  writing monographs, creating  resources, and planning provincial summer symposiums for Ontario teachers.

I also have had the privilege of collaboratively authoring a book Talking to Learn: 50 Strategies for Developing Oral Language with Joan Green and Kathleen Gould-Lundy. This book has earned 2012 The Distinguished Achievement Award in Professional Development award.

I work toward well being balance by spending time with family and close friends – and our wonderful black lab – Jake! I am energized by nature and the outdoors. I enjoy activities such as sailing, cross country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, kayaking, walking, and yoga. My future goal is to visit 20 new countries in the next 20 years!

Learning is key to my being.  I enjoy a challenge, and trying something new is invigorating for me. I am thrilled to be an Education Officer with the new Innovation Design Implementation team in the SPRI division and I am excited about the learning and innovative adventures ahead!