An Innovation Story

Hi! I’m Lisa. I love shoes! I have a large collection of them! I have recently joined the IDI Team and we are exploring the Innovation Design Process together. Let’s do a thought experiment…

Think of me as your client. You have just learned that I love shoes. My new job means that I now commute to work each day and walking in high heels is not really practical so I wear different shoes for the commute and I bring along my heels. I have been given a workspace that has a place for my coat, bag and shoes. Though I would love to have my complete shoe collection available at work so I can coordinate my outfits, I know that this won’t be practical. Look at this space!



So, let’s propose an innovative process to Lisa’s dilemma.

Empathize and Discover
The first step is to understand the client and discover the story that might help to understand the problem.
What would make Lisa happy? How many pairs of shoes would she like to have access to at work? How does she commute to work? What does she carry to work?

Frame the Problem
It is clear that Lisa would be happier with her shoes at work. We know that happier people at work are more productive. We need Lisa happy!

What will we do? Need to propose potential solutions! How will we make Lisa happy? Do we develop a new way for her to transport her heels? (A teleporter would be great but the physicists and engineers haven’t been able to make that real…) Do we create a way for her to store some of her heels at work? (BUT who will tell her that she has a limit to how many?!) Maybe we design a new shoe?!! (Lisa may love that!)
During this phase, the Innovation Design Process calls for creative possibilities!

Prototype and Evolve
At some point, you need to decide on one option. Take the idea and run with it! Develop a prototype and test it out! Evolve the prototype!
Anticipate what Lisa will want. Create a solution to present to Lisa! Up for the challenge?!

Refine, Spread or Archive
Refer to your client needs and see if your prototype is the solution they may adopt.
Will Lisa like the proposed solution? Will she be happy? What will you do if she isn’t? The innovation design process does not end here! It’s only the beginning! Refine the innovation into a new emerging possibilities? Archive the prototype and start over? Or maybe it’s just so perfect that others will want your innovation! Maybe your innovation becomes viral!!
Who will make Lisa happy??!!