This week I had the opportunity to facilitate a conversation between secondary math educators from across Ontario together at the OAME 2018 annual learning conference around innovative practices being explored in secondary classrooms across the province. This session provided an opportunity to learn about ideas and structures being explored in some classrooms, as well as spark curiosity and ideation about what could be possible in our classrooms.

Thank you to Paul Alves (PDSB), George Bullas (TVDSB), Heather Lye (PDSB), Thach-Thao Phan (OCDSB), and Laura Wheeler (OCDSB) for opening up their classrooms to us, and sharing ideas they are exploring around Feedback Focused Assessment, Spiralling, Combined Grade 9 Classes, Cross-Curricular Learning, and more!

At the heart of this conversation was a foundation of support and collaboration. How can we collaborate with each other – whether within a school, board, or province – to find each other and share our ideas and learnings? How can we help support each other in conversations to secure the space to explore these ideas in our classroom?

To access these innovative ideas and practices that were explored in this panel, please click here.

What are you thinking about? What innovative practices are you exploring or wondering about for your classroom?

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