The term ‘Tinklusioneers’ represents the spirit of tinkering and engineering for inclusion. This learning partnership between technology, special education, and classroom teachers allowed individualized learning ‘apps’ to be created by students using the Scratch coding platform for other hard-to-serve students with specialized learning needs.

This project not only allowed students to use Scratch coding purposefully to support a student in their community, but helped them understand the abilities and learning needs of an exceptional student.

  • Oliver Gallery (Renfrew County District School Board)
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Patrick Miller · March 1, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Thanks for sharing Oliver. What stands out for me is this post is the focus on purpose, relevance and audience. Our learners don’t want to be “pretenders”, they want to be doers, makers and contributors to the world now, not when they grow up.
I would love to see some samples of the apps your students created.

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