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Here at St. Joseph’s School we are incorporating innovation into our inquiry and learning. Our maker spaces are inviting our students to explore and create new and inventive ways for guided self- learning.

Innovation Students use a variety of tools in their learning. From using Google VR glasses to Makey Makey, students are incorporating technology into their everyday learning. Using Google VR glasses French Immersion Kindergarteners are watching a short video clip and writing about it in their own words. This is bringing the writing component from the curriculum into the classroom. Students are able  to build structures with the Keva Planks. Math and Science curriculum are learned through trial and error. How do you  build a tower, house or bridge? How many pieces does it take? Can your structure hold a book? Can a car drive over your bridge? All questions that are asked and answered through individual learning.

One of the most intriguing projects that have been undertaken at our school recently was the Grade 8 Thanksgiving Luncheon. Students were given the opportunity to plan, implement and carry out this ambitious lunch. Students learned about real life applications- shopping lists, pricing and purchasing. Math and Social Studies curriculum were tied to this innovative class project. Inquiry One of the  projects our French teachers are involved with this year is a Teacher Learning Leadership Program (TLLP). Their focus is on inquiry-based learning in our French-immersion classrooms. Teachers are using this program to incorporate technology into everyday learning. Coding and robotics challenges in French are a way to bring speaking, listening, reading and writing into the classroom. To find out more visit our journey at There you will find out all about this new and exciting program.

Another project that was collaborated with one of the teachers and instructional coach here at St. Joseph’s was a Rethinking Learning Strategy.  This incorporated more student voice in the learning environment. Students were able to have more say in the projects, tools and choices they made for teacher/student co-learning. Makerspace We are very excited to announce that St. Joseph’s school has been chosen to be a pilot school for Makerspace. The aim of this project, is to to enable every teacher to have a makerspace in their classroom. The Vision of our teachers is to have a corner dedicated to makerspace with a robotics center, lego wall and various buckets of craft/learning materials. Our teachers would have this makerspace readily available to the students to tie into their everyday learning and curricular activities. Our students here at St. Joseph’s Catholic School are very fortunate to have Teachers, Support Staff and Administration that integrate different learning opportunities. We have teachers that are willing to learn new and innovative ways to teach and co-learn with our students.

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– Keith Walsh (BGCDSB)

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