My grade 7 and 8 students and I are of a global movement called Go Baby Go. This project began at the University of Delaware as its founder, Dr. Cole Galloway realized that there are no motorized wheelchairs for children under 3. We buy battery operated ride on cars and with the help of an electrician and occupational therapists, we modify them for children with mobility issues. The cars are adapted to the specific needs of each recipient. To date we have built 5 cars at no cost to the families.

This year we are hoping to form a partnership with Grandview Children’s hospital to get more children moving.

– Anna Farquhar (DDSB)

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Craig Featherstone · December 11, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Wow! What a cool project. I love that it results in such a measurable and significant impact — none of your students will ever be able to say that what happened in school didn’t make a difference! What you create makes lives better, and it’s hard to think of education having a much more noble goal. And from a pedagogical standpoint, I love your involvement of electricians and physiotherapists as ways to make connections to careers and the sorts of learning involved in those roles. I’m curious about where things could go from here? Did you find any spin off projects happening that caught kids’ interests once you reminded — and showed! — your students that they can make a difference? Did any interesting learning happen from being involved with electricians and physiotherapists? What sort of lasting impact did this project have on your classroom either from an engagement or a learning perspective? Thanks so much for sharing this story Anna, and for making a difference in your community. Good luck with the Grandview Children’s Hospital partnership! Let us know how things develop. Keep in touch.

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